Cultural Council Minutes 05/24/2016

Minutes of the meeting of May 24, 2016

I. Meeting called to order at 7:19PM
Attendees: Jeanne Randorf, Arlene Tolopko, Al Blake, Vicki Ernst, Shanon Albee, Robert Turnbough, Ilona Packie, Deb Fogel, Mary Anne Cicchillo, Diane Provenz, Mary Jo Engels
Absentees: Joan Basis, Carol Lombardo, Darlene Murphy

II. Approval of April 26, 2016 meeting minutes. Vicki Ernst made a motion to approve the minutes. Ilona Packie seconded. Minutes were unanimously approved.

III. Reports
A. Financial report – Presented by Shanon Albee. Stated that Arts Festival and Tag sale receivables are coming in.
B. Chair report –
1. State budget news – Jeanne Randorf encouraged members to read and be aware of MA state budget news.
2. Recruiting – Jeanne Randorf encouraged OCC members to start thinking about program recruitments for 2017. Jeanne mentioned that she recently met someone interested in doing a Mediterranean cooking class. There have also been inquiries about technology classes for next year.
3. Mary Jo Engels, Mary Ann Cicchillo and Deb Fogel are awaiting a call from Town Hall for their reappointment to OCC. Jeanne Randorf’s term as chairperson of OCC will end in June, 2017. Jeanne stated that if anyone is interested in her position, they might request it early so they may start early for a smooth transition. Arlene Tolopko requested that a member volunteer to prepare and send press releases,

IV. Flower barrel project
1. At the All Boards meeting, Jeanne Randorf thanked Jim Crandall and his crew fir their help with this project. She also publically thanked Town Hall personnel for their help to her with OCC matters.
2. Flower reimbursement – If desired, OCC will reimburse for barrel flowers. It was estimated that each barrel would cost about $45.00.

V. Spring events
1. Flying Cloud – Three grades were involved. Children were very engaged in the program.
2. Field Trips – Symphony Hall and Stanley Park – Ilona Packie will put thank you’s from the children on the Town Hall bulletin board.
B. May events
1. The Great Encampment – Very successful two day event. There was an additional expense of $240 which OCC will cover in addition the prior approved $490. Walter Engels will be contacted regarding pictures and a digital CD.
2. Tag sale – Vicki Ernst reported that twenty four spaces are now sold. An e-blast advertising the event has been sent. Arlene Tolopko offered to place extra signs for the event in additional places. The sale has also been advertised in Shoppers Guide, Hill Country Observer, etc. Karyn Yvon will collect anything to be discarded by vendors after the event.
3. Sup-N-Swing – Posters will go up the first week in June. New road signs are needed. Ilona Packie will take care of that. The event has been advertised in contiguous towns. Six volunteers are needed early that afternoon at the site to help set up. Volunteers offered. A 50/50 raffle may be held if ticket rolls are available. Mary Jo Engels will inquire at Katie’s Country Store about purchasing food for the band.
C. Summer Workshops
1. Sylvia Foster – Water color class – not yet full – advertised on websites.
2. Quilt workshop lesson to be given June 11, 9AM-3PM
D. Arts Festival – Presently six people have signed up for the event. Tear-off flyers will be displayed after June. Deb Fogel will place an ad in Shoppers Guide. After discussion of interested vendors, Arlene Tolopko made a motion to accept John Gauthier’s hot dog cart for food at the event. The motion carried.

VI. Other Business
A. Diane Provenz discussed the MA pipeline controversy.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35PM

Next meeting will be June 28, 2016 at 6:30PM

Respectfully submitted:
Mary Jo Engels, Recording Secretary