Cultural Council Meeting Minutes 04/15/2020

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OCC Minutes
April 15, 2020

1.      Call to Order:  6:05 PM   Meeting was conducted through a scheduled virtual Zoom meeting conducted by Chairperson, Jeanne Randorf.

  1. Approval of minutes of October 30, 2019:  Motion by Vicki Ernst and seconded by Carol Lombardo
  2. Financial Report: Shannon Albee is looking into outstanding invoices. No deposits have been recorded. Does the Town account roll over after June 30th which is the end of the Town of Otis fiscal year.  Jeanne will contact the Town administrator.
  3. Impact of the Coronavirus on the 2020 Grant season:     MCC has posted new rules which have been posted to all the LCC groups. It is up to each LCC to decide to allow have modifications, partial payments to grantees. State money may be encumbered if programs are scheduled in 2021.  Virtual or taped programs may be a possibility. Deb Fogel made a motion  that the Arts Festival be cancelled for 2020. Carol Lombardo and Vicki Ernst approved the motion.
    5.      Gardeners for the Otis Beautification barrels will be contacted in re planting the barrels in town this season.
  4. 2020-2021 meeting schedule was posted.
  5. Meeting was adjourned at 6:50 PM

    Next Meeting:   May, 20th at 6 PM to be conducted through a virtual Zoom meeting by Chairperson, Jeanne Randorf.

    Submitted by Vicki Ernst