Cultural Council Meeting Minutes 03/20/2019

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Otis Cultural Council Minutes

March 20, 2019 at 6:00 pm

Otis Town Hall, Inspector’s Office


Present: Arlene Tolopko, Ilisa Sulner, Deb Fogel, Carol Lombardo, and Shanon Albee.


  1. Call to Order at 6:08 pm
  2. Approval of Minutes of November 28, 2018

lll.   Reports

  1. Financial Report was given by Shanon Albee.

– State Cultural grant of $4500 was to have been deposited in our account in January.

– An accounting of all the recycling monies earned over the last 3 years has been prepared by Shanon. Jeanne has sent documents to FRRES showing that two payments were requested to be made from our funds. Will pursue this with the business manager.  Total amount collected for the electronic sign fund so far is $9,500. Amount disbursed to FRRES: $4325. The additional $5,175 is being held in our account for the sign.

  1. Chair report was given by Arlene Tolopko, acting as chair in Jeanne

Randorf’s absence.

– Budget request for level funding was made to the finance committee last February.

– Report on our activities of calendar year 2018 was submitted to the Select board secretary for inclusion in the Town Report.


  1. Programs
  2. Tag Sale: Vicki Ernst has reported that she will organize the Tag Sale again when she

returns to the Berkshires. we have dedicated funds to advertising for this.

  1. Thanks-a-Bunch Lunch: Jeanne will organize this when she returns.
  2. Sup & Swing Community Event: Arlene who also sits on the Celebrations Committee reported on the progress so far. Plans so far include food trucks and the band ‘The

Monday Project’. Event to be held at Town Hall. OCC members are asked to help out

on the day of the event , for such things as directing parking, signage, raffle tickets.

Several members volunteered to help.

  1. Arts Festival: Deb & Carol reported that advertising is in place for this event.

Announcements have been sent out to last year’s vendors.

  1. Robin O’Herin Tap & Blues Concert:  Robin had planned to hold this event at the


However, the scheduling there has hit some snags. We could hold the

concert at the Knox on a Tuesday in September or later.  We will look into the use

Town Hall Gazebo for a Sunday afternoon concert in the summer, with the gym as a

back-up in case of rain.

  1. Square Dance with Cliff Brodeur and the Housatonic Philharmonic

Arlene has spoken with Cliff about holding another square dance at the fire station.

He proposes to host the dance with the Housatonic Philharmonic for $750. A couple of

dates were chosen from our calendar, and Arlene has agreed to book  a

  1. Other Business: Two flower barrels will be replaced with new ones at the Rec Center.

Vl.   Next meeting:    April 17, 2019 at  6:00 pm at Town Hall



Minutes submitted by Ilisa Sulner