Council on Aging Minutes 08/10/2016


Meeting was called to order at 10:30 by Ralph

In attendance were Ralph; Pat; Joe; Dotty; Ray & Angie; Richard; Russ Loring; Bill Fennelly; Fred O

Minutes of meeting of July 13, 2016 were read
Motion to accept made by Pat, seconded by Joe vote to accept was unanimous.

Treasurers report by Dotty – No Statement- All current bills paid

Trip survey was reviewed, discussed. May, July August available. Ralph passed out monthly schedule. 86 surveys were received.

New trip June 2017 notice for Tall Ships in Boston, Mike from Travel Group to set a trip from Plymouth, MA vs driving into Boston

Discussed Woodlouch Pines trip and all agreed that it was too much money

Reviewed Canadian trip and discussed “creature Comforts” on King Ward Buses; such as more leg room, folding trays and cup holders. It was brought up that Travel Cuz buses has these items but trips are 30% more from Maria. On our longer trips we will look into possibly upgrading bus.

Discussed upcoming trips getting competitive prices; possibly from Maria. Ralph is going to a travel show in CT on August 29th put on by Friendship Tours and Susan Conte to see what they are offering and obtaining their new catalog. Mike Egan is more than willing to come up and sit with us and go over his new catalog, similar to what he did last year.

Discussed overnight trips; Von Trap Lodge; Montreal; Lancaster PA. Voted to return to PA. Ralph to get info on 3 day 2 night trip.

Newport Playhouse; Tall Ships; River Rose cruise; Scallop festival; Aqua Turf; Octoberfest at Williams Inn with buffet vs plated meal; talked about for day trips

File of Life – reviewed letter to be mailed to all seniors, Health Care Proxy.
All items have been delivered, and are ready to pass out.

Pat discussed embroided golf shirts and she will get prices, possibly Haynes, Wearguard etc. and will get back to us. Question, how do we establish what sizes to order?

Boston Cane Project: Either the Select-board or the council on aging are the controlling agency. In Otis it is the Council on Aging. All decisions should be discussed and voted on by the council. It was voted that the residency requirement be established at 25 consecutive years and established by birth date of the individual.


Joe: b-b-q grille has been ordered and will be delivered.
Russell Inn has been reserved for our September out to lunch
KOI had 55 seniors at the lunch
Russ: Talked about the reception for Vini Lawrence after her funeral. Lyn is in
Angie: talked about our Christmas lunch at Cork N’ Hearth about menu and
Maximum amount of people Angie will advise
Rich: Possible limit on initial File of Life handouts

Meeting adjourned at 11:45 AM