Council on Aging Minutes 05/10/2017


Meeting was called to order at 10:30 by Ralph

In attendance were Ralph; Dottie; Carol Blakeslee; Jane Bernasconi; & Bob Rock

Minutes of meeting of March 8, 2017 were read, motion to accept as read made by Dottie, seconded by Carol: vote to accept was unanimous.

Treasurers report by Dottie –All current bills paid, we are getting timely bank statements; Our on-line banking is giving up-to-date information.

Senior Trip Update: Review of our new “waiting List”. It is working out well on our Radio City Trip. It was voted to adopt this on all future trips

Discussion was held on A Matter of balance program and was decided that we could not manage it properly and would probably be best if hosted by the Recreation Department. Materials will be returned to Linda Nolan

Flyer on Elder Law Meeting was discussed and was decided to wait until 2018 to host another meeting.

Home modification program was discussed and ways of “getting the word out” were talked about. No decision reached and was tabled for further discussions.
Possible putting on our web site? Newsletter?

Elder transportation is still a question and reasons for lack of interest were discussed. Seems we as a community are doing a better than average job of taking care of our seniors. If there is an interest, is it possible for someone like Margaret Loring driving them and we give her a stipend towards it. We would have to check with Elder Affairs before we did anything.

Discussion was held on our upcoming Radio City trip and the menu at Carmine’s. Our choice of meal will be forwarded to Friendship Tours so that a final trip price
Will be forthcoming. Looks like it will be in the $170.00 p/p range


No other business

Meeting adjourned at 11:40 AM