Council on Aging Minutes 03/08/2017


Meeting was called to order at 10:40 by Ralph

In attendance were Ralph; Dottie; Carol Blakeslee; Jane Bernasconi; Russ Loring; Bob Rock & Bill Fennelly.

Minutes of meeting of December 14, 2016 were read, motion to accept as read made by Dottie, seconded by Carol: vote to accept was unanimous.

Treasurers report by Dotty –All current bills paid, we are getting timely bank statements; and we are now on-line with our banking.

Senior Trip Update: Collecting trip fee’s is still somewhat of a problem. The majority of sign-ups have no problem with deposits. The sending of invoices for upcoming trips is working well. Some sign-ups for trips are slow in giving deposits.
One solution to this is to create a “waiting List”, not to be confused with our “stand-by List”. With this, sign-ups are placed on this waiting list until a deposit is received, and then they go on the sign-up sheets. If deposits are not received, they would stand a chance of being removed from the trip if the trip fills. All agreed that this would be ok. We will start with our 2018 trip schedule.

2018 Trips: Discussion on trip surveys, Ralph will put together a survey similar to what was done last year, giving everyone in-put. Jane mentioned that AAA has a list of trips that are available. Our travel agencies are good at tailoring trips to suit our needs, so this is a possibility.

In-House activities: Discussion on additional activities. Most are ok with what we are doing, but a suggestion was made to send out a flyer to see if there is interest for other activities. Ralph will get something for our review.

With the upgrading of the Town Hall computers and broadband, there may be some computers available for senior use and lessons. Discussion on interest and who would teach with no decisions reached. Tabled for further research.

No other business