Council on Aging Meeting Minutes 11/13/2019

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NOVEMBER 13,2019


Meeting was called to order at 11:15 a.m. by Ralph Gleason


In attendance were Ralph Gleason, Dottie D”Elia, Joe Rock, Evelyn Loring, Mary Ann Gacek, Bill and Mildred Holmes,Lisa D’Orazio, Carol Blakeslee, and Dee Egee


Reading of February minutes was to be done individually

Treasurer’s Report not available

New Business:

Voting was unanimous to welcome our new Chairperson, Lisa D”Orazio.  Lisa will be going to the bank to become an authorized person to sign checks.


Ralph will become the Travel Coordinator

Jane Bernasconi will remain as treasurer

Carol Blakeslee is recording secretary


We each reviewed the duty roster and one specific change for Dottie and Joe would be to change Purchase coffee and paper goods to Prepare list of needed items for Ralph to purchase


Help needed to start Outreach Program (to be continued)


Help needed with SHINE Program  Dee Egee agreed to try to contact Elder Services and see if the Becket SHINE person could also service Otis


We will work together to update the emergency contact information for all people involved in our various programs and trips.  Ralph offered to create a document for this to be presented to everyone.


Discussion regarding entertainment at COA functions.  General consensus was that it is too much of a distraction and intrusion to conversation at pot luck lunches etc.  This will be visited again in the future.

Trip Discussion

All our trips are going well however, it seems as if

The travel groups are slowing down somewhat due to        not being able to completely fill buses.  We have to

Commit  to at least 42 people per trip.  Dee suggested that we rethink December trips in the future.

Cork N’ Hearth Luncheon is filled at this point

Egremont Country Club will be available for our Thanksgiving luncheon again next year

Roundtable Discussion

Storage closet~possible charities were discussed .  Carol will follow up

Dottie thanked and praised Ralph for his superb job as COA Chairperson for so many years.

Meeting Adjourned at 11:50 a/m.