Council on Aging Meeting Minutes 09/15/2021

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2021


Meeting was called to order at 10:30 AM


In attendance were Ralph Gleason, Jane Bernasconi, Evelyn Loring, Eila Bell, Richard Mercure and Tom Kennedy.


Minutes of July 21, 2021 were read and accepted by unanimous vote.


Evelyn Loring has been named to sign on as the third signature for the Friends of Otis checking account, due to the passing of Doris (De) Egee.  The board unanimously voted to accept.


Review of activities and possible future trips were discussed.  Ralph indicated that the March 14, 2022 trip with Andy Cooney was booked.  The venue has been changed to The Aqua Turf Club.  Pricing remains at $97 for bus and $69 for self-drive.  Flyer will be mailed out shortly.


The December 6th meeting with Kevin O’Hara includes a light lunch.  Discussion was had as to whether we would prepare the sandwiches in house or have it catered.  It was decided to contact Lyn Pyenson and suggest a box lunch with a ham & cheese sandwich on a roll, potato salad or chips and possibly a cookie for dessert.


Other possible trips for 2022 would be Mystic Seaport, Newport Playhouse or River Rose Cruise.  Ralph will gather information on these and other trips for 2022


There was no other business and the meeting was adjourned at 11:30 AM


Respectfully submitted



Ralph E Gleason