Community Input Survey

    Community Input Survey for the Otis Cultural Council


The OCC is collecting opinions to help us set our funding priorities for next few years. Please take a moment to complete this survey and return to us by Oct. 24.


  1. What is your relationship to the Town of Otis?            Full-time resident                                                                                                         ______

Part-time resident                                                                            ­­­­­______

Resident of a neighboring town                                          ______

Visitor from ________________                                        ______


  1. What current arts and cultural programs or services are you aware of and feel are important to






  1. Are you aware that artists, schools and community groups can apply for grants from the Otis Cultural

        Council grants funds?  ___ Yes     ___ No



  1. How do you hear about cultural activities that interest you?

______ Local paper

______ Town website    (Note: You can subscribe on the website to receive email notifications about our

Events. Ask for information about how to subscribe!))

______ Notices around town/in other towns

______ Road signs

______ Word of mouth

______ Other:_____________________________________



  1. What should be the most important priorities that our council should consider for LCC funding? Please

rank at your top three recommendations, with “1” for most important, “2” for the next, etc.
____ Promotion local artists through community projects
____ Nature, science, environmental education projects
____ Arts education in the schools
____ Restoration or preservation projects
____ Communitywide gatherings: festivals, concerts, plays
____ Field trips for students to museums or performances
____ Projects celebrating local history, cultural diversity
____ Other: ___________



  1. Other comments/suggestions:




Thank you for participating in this survey!