Pole Survey Project Explanation for High Speed Broadband Internet

On Tuesday, August 9, 2016 technicians from Whip City Fiber will be rolling into the first neighborhood in Otis for the start of the Utility and Premise Data Collection, the “pole survey”, to help us determine the cost of the prep work from the utilities. The condition of each utility pole and the number and spacing of attachments will determine what work will be required of Eversource and Verizon. This “make ready” work is the last unknown cost we need to gather to be able to move ahead with a fiber network for the community.

The “Pole Survey”, will begin on Tuesday, August 9, 2016 and continue into the month of September with from two (2) to six (6) technicians collecting information from each pole and documenting the “drops”, or type of connection to each premise. This information will be tabulated on a map that will become the design used to construct a network. The work is scheduled to begin next week and run for approximately six weeks in to September. At the completion of the survey the findings will be reviewed and presented to the community.

For the survey and design the Town has been divided into six sections with the starting point being the East Otis Fire Station. A map has been posted on the town website that shows the sections and its order in the survey.

We will distribute flyers in each area as we move ahead, post the area on the website and communicate by the reverse 911 phone system for those that get those calls. This will be a fast moving project and we hope to have good information to provide for the future.