Otis Noticeables

In the last two years, on five occasions, you might have seen the photo display of very important people: “The Otis Noticeables” in Town Hall.

The idea came to me one evening, thinking about people of Otis, the nitty gritty of what makes this town work, people from all walks of life, not necessarily elected officials or famous people, – just us, the people who make the quilt of our community of residents.

I’ve been going around with my camera- if you know me, I’m never without it – taking close ups of faces with hats, without hats, with glasses, no glasses, smiling, serious, whatever.

Every display has 10-11 pictures and is timed roughly to a season, so people have a chance for several months to see their neighbors- and possibly themselves.

Otis wouldn’t exist without all these wonderful people. Be sure to check it out.

Spring 2009 has photos of:
Brian Crandall, Arlene Symons, Donna Horrigan, TJ, Michael Symons, Joyce Pyenson, Pat Ryan, Karen Lynne Faye and Jack Quimper.

All the best
Joan DeLevie