Conservation Commission Forms

The following DEP forms are most commonly used to request commission action under the Wetlands Protection Act. If in doubt, contact a commission representative to determine which applies to your specific needs.

In addition, the Otis Conservation Commission conducts site visits prior to its public hearings and requires, with each application, a “Permission to Access Site” form, signed by the property owner or his/her authorized agent as designated on the application.

Submission Requirements

In addition to requirements outlined on the DEP application forms, the Otis Conservation Commission requires:

  • a check, payable to the Town of Otis, in the amount of $75 to cover the cost of a legal advertisement, publication of which is required in a newspaper with circulation in the town at least five business days in advance of the public hearing.
  • Five (5) copies of each application and all supporting documentation.
  • Written permission to access the site, as noted under “Forms”

Any additional supporting documentation must be submitted to the commission (electronically, or three paper copies) a minimum of two days (48 hours) prior to the hearing.

DEP FormName of Form
Applicant InstructionsApplicant Instructions
Form 1Request for Determination of Applicability (RDA).
Form 1 InstructionsForm 1 RDA Instructions
Form 3Notice of Intent (NOI)
Form 3 InstructionsForm 3 NOI Instructions
Form 8ARequest for Certificate of Compliance
Access Site FormPermission to Access Site
MASS DEP Wetlands Protection ActMASS DEP Wetlands Protection Act