COA Meeting Minutes 08/08/2018



Meeting was called to order at 10:30 by Ralph


In attendance were Ralph; Dottie; Joe Rock; Carol; Richard; Ken Retzel; Dee Egee, Jane Bernasconi and Janice Hawley.


Minutes of our July 11, 2018 meeting were read.  Motion to accept was made by Dottie, seconded by Richard.  vote to accept was unanimous.


Dottie: Treasurers report by Dottie –All current bills paid, we are getting timely bank statements; Our on-line banking is giving up-to-date information.


Ralph: We have had an incredible response to our Ogunquit Maine trip for June 2019.  All slots have been filled and deposits paid, with 18 people in stand-by.

We are working with both The Travel Group and Friendship Tours to fill in our remaining dates.  Should have further updates in our September meeting.


Ralph:  Follow up on the Outreach Program.  Our Town Manager feels this is a great idea and will work with us in getting feedback from the selectmen and also

Creating a budget for submission to the finance board.


Ralph: Entertainment during pot-luck lunch. John Root has a variety of programs he is offering.  There is a concern that he would not be given attention but we feel it is worth a try.




No other business.

Meeting adjourned at 10:50 AM