Building Use Sub-Committee Meeting Minutes 01/17/2019

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Building Use Sub-Committee

Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2019

Town Hall

5:00 PM


Attendees: Ralph Gleason, COA; Eve Kummel, Library; Tom Ragusa, Historical Commission; Bill Hiller, Select Board; Jim Crandall, Maintenance; Michael Ernst, Finance, Planning; Sandy Pinkham, Energy; Thom Garvey, Historical Commission; Judi Mabee, Historical Commission; Dam Hamill, Police Department.



  1. Review history of Sub-Committee;
    1. Reviewed documents from first Building Use Sub-committee meeting agenda and minutes from February 20, 2014.
    2. Discussed composition of committee as described in meeting minutes from February 20, 2014.  “Committee is composed of the members of the Energy Committee and a single member from each of these departments; Highway, Fire, Rescue, Rec, Library, Police.  At this time the Energy Committee has a member of the Select Board, Maintenance, Finance Board, Library, Building Inspector and two member from the public.”  This was used to discuss new membership moving forward.  A Planning Board member has been appointed by the Select Board and the Council on Aging and Historical Commission are interested in having members on committee.


  1. Discuss membership, departments affected.
    1. Discussed how to proceed with membership process.  Department presents member application to Select Board for appointment.  Member then gets sworn in by Town Clerk to participate in discussion and potential votes.


  1. Discuss strategies to promote effective use of town buildings.
    1. Members are to go back to their respective boards or departments to develop a list of needs for each particular use to prompt discussion at the March twenty-first meeting.
    2. Discussed developing a conceptual plan for sharing space with Library, Rec, Museum and Cultural Council.