On-Line Permitting and Inspectional Services

The Town of Otis, Massachusetts is excited to introduce an online system for Board of Health permits. This system is fully automated when applying and paying online, viewing your application status and printing of the various health applications.




The first step is to register as a New User to create an account in order to use the system:


Click here  for the instructional guide to online permitting.


When your application is submitted, you can click on the “eye” () icon to view the status of your permit application. Permit applications are addressed quickly, but please allow at least 48 hours for your application to be reviewed.


Town Staff may use the “chat” feature for any questions or to let you know if additional information or documents need to be uploaded.  You can chat back by clicking on the chat bubble icon ().


IMPORTANT!! Check your Online Permitting Home Page often
on your application status, fees and/or chat updates




Thank you for your participation in our new online permitting system.