Board of Selectmen Minutes 03/22/2016

Town of Otis
Select Board Meeting Minutes
March 22, 2016

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm in the Town Hall conference room.

Present: Select Board Chair Roberta Sarnacki, Selectman Don Hawley, Selectman Bill Hiller, Chris Morris, Terry Gould, Larry Gould, Michael Ernst, Kathy Carroll, Cindy Ragusa, Tom Ragusa, Jim Wilusz, Peter Kolodziej, Mary Adams, Bob Rosen, Patricia Richard, Russ Loring, Marion Middleton, Russ Kitson, Carol Blakeslee, Bud Bushey, Tom Soules, Ken Pettibone, Gary Thomas, Bernadette Mercier, Lynn Pyenson, Dan Hamill, Dave ??, and man with hat.

The meeting was called to order by Roberta Sarnacki who announced the meeting was being recorded.

Approval of Minutes: The March 8, 2016 Select Board meeting minutes were unanimously approved as written.

Board of Health: Restaurant Grease Issue: Otis’ sewer regulations cover the problem we are having with the grease trap not being cleaned and they can be used for enforcement. The grease is negatively impacting the sewer system in town. Maintenance has had to get involved several times and the logs are not being maintained by the establishment. The Board of Health will draft a letter and send it to Chris requiring the establishment to get a signed contract with a third party to regularly maintain the grease trap.
2359 North Main Road: The initial plan had a tight tank design but when the plan was reviewed both Pete and the engineer decided another solution may be more feasible. We are still awaiting the revised plans for this property.

Bottle Recycling Container: Coca Cola has been bought out and the new company will not pick up recycling from “redemption only” facilities. A new container would cost about $4500 delivered. Don Hawley understands why we could use this and is all for it, but he would like to talk with Jim Crandall and have him agree to this before making a determination on this. The topic was unanimously tabled by the Select Board until the April 12th meeting.

April 12, 2016 Select Board Meeting: This is the next regular Select Board meeting, but the time for this one was moved up to 6:00 pm so as not to conflict with the Town Caucus at 7:00 pm that same night.

Police Chief: Gary Thomas asked what the status was of the meeting held last week regarding the Police Chief. Bill Hiller stated that actions had been taken and future policies regarding social media are currently being worked on. It is the policy of the Select Board not to comment on personnel issues. The Select Board may also issue a policy of press releases going through the Selectmen’s office first.

At 7:28 pm, the Budget meeting was recommenced and is recorded as the continuation of the March 22, 2016 Joint Budget meeting of the Finance and Select Boards.

At 8:17 pm both the Select Board and the Budget meetings were unanimously adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,
Lisa D’Orazio
Selectmen’s Secretary
Town of Otis

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