Board of Selectmen Agenda 05/09/2017

Selectboard Meeting Agenda
Otis Town Hall
Conference Room
May 9, 2017
7:00 p.m.


Approval of Select Board Minutes. April 24, 2017 All Boards meeting and April 25, 2017 Select Board meeting minutes.
Board of Health Policies and Procedures. Don discussed changes at the last meeting but no decision has been made to accept it as yet.
Updated Agreement with WG&E. We have an updated agreement for signature.
Surplus Inventory. There are three generators up at the Highway Dept. that need to be declared surplus inventory so we can put them up for bid.
Highway Dept. Sign. A motorist destroyed it on May 1st and we need a new one.
Seasonal Maint. Interviews. Jim has reviewed the applications and is looking to set up a formal interview date.