Board of Selectmen Agenda 04/12/2017

Selectboard Meeting Agenda
Otis Town Hall
Conference Room
April 12, 2017
7:00 p.m.


Approval of Select Board Minutes. March 27, 2017 All Boards meeting and March 28, 2017 Select Board meeting minutes.
Transfer of Liquor Licenses. Knox Trail Inn.
Temporary Appt. of Election Clerk. Lyn needs Carol Lombardo appointed for the May 23rd election because almost everyone is on a Seniors trip that day. We also have several poll worker appointments for that election so Lyn has help that day.
Broadband. The Board needs to vote to authorize acceptance of grant funds from the EOHED for the Last Mile Infrastructure Project.
Surplus Inventory. Highway wants to declare their 2009 GMC truck that is being replaced as surplus so they can put it out for bid.