Board of Selectmen Agenda 03/28/2017

Selectboard Meeting Agenda
Otis Town Hall
Conference Room
March 28, 2017
7:00 p.m.


Approval of Select Board Minutes. February 27, 2017 All Boards meeting and February 28, 2017 Select Board meeting minutes.
Board of Health. Nothing so far.
Liquor License Transfer. Grouse House.
Discussion of School with Sandisfield Select and Finance Boards. Preliminary discussions with Sandisfield that may impact school budgeting for next year and in the future.
Broadband. Technology has a logo for the new fiber website for the Select Board to review and would like to present their vote of confidence to have Westfield Gas & Electric do bidding for Otis.
Citizen Petitions. Lyn would like the Select Board to set a deadline for submissions so there aren’t last minute petitions coming in.
Animal Inspector Nomination.
Rescue Truck. It needs work and should be declared surplus.
Fire Dept. Mutual Aid Renewal.