Board of Assessors Public Disclosure Notice of Fiscal Year 2016 Valuations

Public Disclosure Notice

Notice of Fiscal Year 2016 Valuations
Otis, Massachusetts

The Board of Assessors has completed the Triennial Assessment Update for certification as mandated by the Commissioner of Revenue. Representatives of the Department of Revenue have reviewed the data to insure that the Proposed Assessments are reflective of the Market Value for January 1, 2015, which is the tax date for Fiscal Year 2016. On December 1, 2015, the Otis Assessors’ Office was granted preliminary certification of the proposed values. Authorization to disclose proposed Fiscal Year 2016 assessed valuations has been granted. Commencing on Thursday, December 3, 2015, taxpayers may view proposed assessments appearing on reports made available in the Assessor’s office at Town Hall, The Otis Public Library, and online at the Town of Otis’ website ( Additionally, the Board of Assessors will assist taxpayers having questions or concerns about their assessments, investigating claims of errors leading to overvaluation. Taxpayer concerns will be investigated and wherever possible corrected before seeking final DOR certification. The period for review of valuations will end at the close of business on Wednesday, December 9th.
The revaluation program is necessary to achieve full and fair cash value in accordance with the requirements of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40 § 56 and Chapter 58 §1, 1A and 3.
The proposed values were derived utilizing a methodology based on generally accepted mass appraisal practices, and are supported with current market evidence and are uniformly and equitably applied to all property. As a result of the revaluation, the overall valuation of all residential properties in Otis is declining approximately 0.5%. The commercial and industrial property classes are similarly declining in overall class valuation as a result of the revaluation program.
Inquiries can be made to the assessors during the following business hours: Monday 12/7 8:30am – 6:00pm and Wednesday 12/9 8:30am – 2:00pm, or by appointment by calling the Assessors’ office at 413-269-0100 x102. Messages left at this number will be returned. Counter books with preliminary assessments will be available in the Assessor’s Office at Town Hall Monday – Thursday 8am-4pm. Counter books will also be available at the Otis Public Library. Library hours are Wednesday and Friday 11am-5pm, Thursday 12pm-6pm, and Saturday 9am-1pm.