Board of Assessor’s Meeting Minutes 09/06/2019

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Board of Assessors Meeting Minutes

Town of Otis

MINUTES for Sept 6, 2019 meeting

Meeting called to order:  6:30PM

Present: Russ Loring; Kathleen Rider, Heather Venne


  • Review and Approve recent Board Meetings Minutes (August 6, 2019)
  • Review and Approve Motor Vehicle Abatements (NOTE: TWO REPORTS TO SIGN)
  • Board Chair to Review and Approve voucher request for Annual Dues to Berkshire County Assessors Association
  • Review and Approve Administrative Abatement for Personal Property application to correct the system
  • Review and Approve MV Warrant & Commitment #4 for 2019
  • Other business
    • Review and Approve Release of Forest Land Tax Lien for property coming out of Chapter