Assessors Meeting Minutes 04/27/2022

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Board of Assessors Meeting

Town of Otis

April 27th, 2022 | 11:00 AM


For the public to join this meeting socially distanced:

Dial: 605-313-5598

Enter access code: 147430 then hit “#




Attendance: Russell Loring (Chair), Heather Gray (Member), Alliey Pevay (Administrative Assessor), Christopher Cozzaglio (Assistant Assessor)


Called to Order 11:10A

  • Old Business
    • Review and accept/deny revised Verizon letter
      • Loring moves to accept revised letter, Gray seconds; 2-0-0, Motion passes


  • New Business
    • Approve/Deny MV Commitment 2022-02
      • Loring moves to approve commitment as presented, Gray seconds; 2-0-0, Motion passes
    • Release of lien
    • Bills Payable
      • Loring moves to approve bills payable, Gray seconds; 2-0-0, Motion passes


  • Open Forum
    • Approve/Deny Chapter Applications as Presented
    • Approve/Deny Statutory Exemption Applications as Presented


  • Executive Session tabled; Cozzaglio notifying taxpayers about delay

Adjournment 11:36A