All Boards Meeting Minutes 11/26/2018

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Town of Otis

All Boards Meeting Minutes

November 26, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm in the Town Hall conference room.  It was announced the meeting was being recorded.

Present:           Don Hawley, Gary Thomas, Bill Hiller, Terry Gould, Larry Gould, Tom Ragusa, Jim Crandall, Dan Hamill, Judi Mabee, Lisa D’Orazio

Building Inspector:  Work has been steady.  Permits were issued for three new homes in 2018 and everything else has been for tear-downs and rebuilds.

Energy:           Larry attended the last Planning Board meeting and based upon comments brought up at that meeting, the Building Use Sub-Committee will be started up again sometime in January.  This will hopefully clear up any confusion about potential future use of town buildings

Finance Board:  Terry asked if the budgeting functionality was going to be available in Vadar for planning next year’s budgets.

Historical Commission:  Tom Ragusa reported that the Knox Trail is going on the state’s MACRIS inventory and may go into a national database as well.  Once it is in MACRIS, it will be compared to the checklist for the National Historical checklist, but this seems to be geared more towards buildings.  The National Historic Roads and Places pertains more to roads and trails and this may be more appropriate.  Along the Knox Trail there are 14 sites of interest, four of which are located in Otis.  The cable bridge used by the snowmobile club will also be included as a Knox Trail landmark.  Regarding Harmony Hall, Judi reported that they may be able to install a stairlift system to be ADA compliant and be able to use the upstairs.  Judi was also informed of the Building Use Sub-Committee starting up again.  The Historical Commission members also noted that they felt shut out of the Planning Informational Meeting on Harmony Hall because they couldn’t discuss any potential grant opportunities and counter the estimates of the work needed for the building.

Maintenance:  Fall cleanup is done due to the early snow arrival.  Roof over the top of solar inverters over the Highway garage.  Transfer Station reporting:  they sent a Freon load, a TB load, and Jamie Cahillane has left CET so we no longer have any representation at Springfield MRF.  Heat pump discussion.  Hazardous Waste Management & Hazardous Waste Shipping discussion.

Municipal Lighting Plant:  They are working through the issues they have been having with QuickBooks.

Planning Board:  Lisa reported that they are looking into drafting marijuana bylaws and hope to have a draft to review for the December meeting.  They will also have a Site Plan Review for a solar farm on Algerie Road for January.

Police Dept.:   The Kops ‘N Kids Halloween party had a great turnout and was a huge success.  They went through 6 gallons of cider, all the donated donuts, and most of the purchased donuts.  And Tom Soules donated his DJ services as well.

In Service training is continuing and calls have been steady.  Calls are mostly for alarms, car accidents, gun permit renewals and applications.  The new vests that were ordered in July should be here this week so everyone will have up-to-date equipment.  While cleaning out the shed they found scuba gear and want to know what to do with it.  The Select Board asked them to inventory everything so we can see who may own it and if it needs to go elsewhere.

Recreation:      Bill read the email provided by the Rec. Dept.  Movies are going to be shown in the Town Hall gym beginning in January – the location change was approved for their movie permit.  They will have Ski Helmet days on January 5, 2019 and February 23, 2019.  They no longer have cross country ski passes, but are now offering tubing at Butternut.

Scholarship Committee:  Lisa mailed out notices today for Lee High School and Monument Mountain High School.  Someone asked if Mount Everett and Gateway had gotten the information as well.  Lisa will look into this.

Technology:    Phase 2 installations are wrapping up.  Phase 3 is stringing strands and fiber and hopes to begin installations in January.  Phase 4 is currently working on strands.  600 potential customers have signed up with about 100 to 200 up and running.

Zoning Board:  They are happy to report they have a full board and it appears they will be having a hearing for the solar farm in the future.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:56 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lisa D’Orazio

Selectmen’s Secretary

Town of Otis

List of Documents

  1. A copy of the Rec. Center email attachment will be filed with these meeting minutes.
  1. A copy of the Police Dept. Help Wanted ad will be filed with these meeting minutes.