All Boards Meeting Minutes 08/26/2019

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Town of Otis

All Boards Meeting Minutes

August 26, 2019



The meeting was called to order by Gary Thomas at 6:34 pm in the Town Hall conference room.


Present:           Select Board Chair Gary Thomas, Selectman Bill Hiller, Jeanne Randorph, Thomas Ragusa, Rich Phair, Russell Loring, and Nancy Crandall.



Celebrations:  Jeanne Randorph reported that Sup ‘n Swing was a big success, great food (from the Grouse House, the Knox Trail Inn, and Ernie Jordan), well attended, a lot of fun and it didn’t rain.


Cultural Council:  Jeanne reported that the council just finished their 2019 business and had quite a few programs this summer.  They are moving on to grant season, which begins September 1st.  She shared an announcement from the council to encourage any Massachusetts residents who would like to provide cultural enrichment workshops or programs for children and/or adults to apply for a grant.


Assessors:      Russ Loring reported that he would be talking to one of the assessors who showed up at a property, but didn’t inform the landowner regarding a recall assessment.  Usually they let the homeowner know that they will be coming by.


Historical:       Tom Ragusa reported that there was a Knox Trail walk on the 17th with 21 attending.  There was discussion about the rock on the trail.  Someone keeps knocking down the spires installed in 2009 to protect the rock.  He believes they are taken down, so people can drive around the rock, because he can see tire tracks, but driving is prohibited on that trail.  He would like abutters to be notified about restrictions on driving on the trail.  On the 21st he had a well-attended lecture at the town library.  He also discussed the revitalization project at the East Otis Schoolhouse and the upcoming acquisition of the St. Paul’s Church.


Fire Department:  Rich Phair reported that the steak roast was a success.  He wanted to thank Jim Crandall for everything he got did to help them prepare for the roast.  He’s still waiting on a recommendation and quote for a water softener and conditioner system from Brian Middleton.  Nancy offered to leave Brian a note in his town mailbox.  Bill asked what the status was on the storage room they were going to build.  Rich said they haven’t started it yet, but spoke to Jim about framing and finishing it.  There was also discussion about updating their phone system and internet connectivity.  He also reported that their new rescue truck is great.


Building Use Subcommittee:  Bill reported that they discussed a potential new building for the Highway Department.


Municipal Lighting Plant:  Bill reported that things are going well.


Technology:    Bill reported that they are running into a little bit of a snag with the internet, because Whip City has changed subcontractors to do the drops.  They will start back up again with installations in September.  Additionally, they will be getting pricing for hardware to tie all the town buildings together securely through the internet with backup.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:56 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy Crandall

Selectmen’s Secretary, Town of Otis