All Boards Meeting Minutes 06/24/2019

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Town of Otis

All Boards Meeting Minutes

June 24, 2019



The meeting was called to order by Bill Hiller at 6:30 pm in the Town Hall conference room.


Present:           Selectman Bill Hiller, Michael Ernst, Terry Gould, Jim Crandall, Sonia Morrison, Tom Ragusa, Jen Daley.



Maintenance:  Jim gave a detailed report on all the work completed by the maintenance department in May and June.  Spring cleanup was finished.  The Rec gardens, Town Hall green and trees in the firehouse park were mulched. They took down the rotten firehouse park fence.  Mowing has been taking place since the first part of May.  They installed the conduit at the broadband building in the center of town with the help of the Highway Department, grading and seeding the disturbed soil after installation. They installed metal trim on the broadband building exterior.  Had the library burglary and fire alarm serviced.  Sent out a load of TVs, Freon items, and a load of tires for the Transfer Station.  He covered for Keith at the WWTP while he was on vacation from May 11th –May 24th.  They had 3 grinder pump calls they assisted with in May.  They changed out 3 old rotten whiskey barrel flower containers for the Cultural Council.  Mounted heat pumps on the exteriors of center Fire and Town Hall.  Painted the shed at the cemetery.   Flagged all the graves at the cemetery.  Set some cornerstones for gravesites.  Poured 2 foundations at the center cemetery.  9 burials this spring.  Set up the swim area and dock, coordinated the porta potties delivery and have been cleaning up the goose droppings daily/weekly at the beach.  Set up the new a/c units at the Library, Rec Center and Town Hall.  Old a/c units will be distributed.  Bill thanked and recognized him, Jamie Crandall & Jason on behalf of the town for putting up the flags at the cemetery graves on their personal time.  Jim took a 3-day WWTP operation and maintenance course in Stockbridge for his contract training hours to get his WW license.  They built a room for the Police Department in the Town Hall.  Painted the entrance door at the Library.  Had the electrical work done at the Library for the heat tape on the backside gutters.  Did the playground inspection and mulched the playground at the Town Hall.  Assisted Keith with another grinder pump call and a dosing pump call at the WWTP.  Power washed the gazebo for the Sup ‘n Swing event.  Trimmed the hedges.  Built a rack in the shed at the town beach for the kayaks and moved the kayaks.  Had the shades installed in the Town Clerk’s office, Tax Collector’s office and Inspectors Room at the Town Hall.  Assisted with the heat pump installations, which are almost complete.




Planning:         Jen reported that the board went from 5 members to 7.  They welcomed Robert McMahon who will also represent their board on the Building Use Subcommittee.  Hal Kobrin was voted again to represent them in BRPC business. Jen was voted to Chair the committee.  They reviewed the proposed community building for D&J Development concerning the siding, which has been continued.  They looked at a request for a rejiggering of lots on Algerie Road by the Quarry to prevent future development and are still working on that.


ZBA:               Terry reported that D&J pulled their request for a community building variance without predjudice.  The board’s last meeting was the public application for special permits for Turning Leaf LLC, approved with a couple of conditions.


Celebration Committee:

Sonia reported that the annual Sup & Swing held on 6/22 at 6:00 at the Town Hall was a success. It was extremely well attended and the band was great.  She admitted dropping the ball to notify the food sellers to get permits from BOH.  She said the Maintenance Department was great, the Fire Department was very helpful and there were no issues.  They would like to see permanent power to the gazebo, so they’ve reached out to Henry’s Electric for a quote.  Jim shared information on past issues with power to the gazebo.


Historical Commission:

They are working on the one-room schoolhouse project in East Otis.  Bob McMahon met with Larry and did up drawings.  Bob met with Bill Dyer who explained the uses of the building.  Their preservationist met and interviewed Bill Dyer and June Crandall.  Bill attended the one-room schoolhouse and June attended school at Harmony Hall.  They are working on getting the building on the Historical Register.  Since they will need to get an architect and start doing repairs, they are looking at possible funding resources, such as fundraising and grants.  They will get an RFP, as well, for an estimate of the total cost of the project.  Tom, Judy & Sonia went out with the 5th grade class from FRES for a walk on the Knox Trail before they went on a trip to Fort Ticonderoga.  Jim added that he still has the church bell in storage.


Technology:    The Otis firehouse hut is ready.  The fiber is getting pulled in.  They will start testing and splicing downtown.  Phase 4 (Big Pond, Pease Road, Lion Hill Road) has been on hold due to many private dirt roads being closed during mud season, but expect to be done in July.  Fiber should be complete for the entire town by the end of the year.  The only area still up in the air is the Otis Woodlands.  Bill has requested that they send 2 splicing crews to make the work get done faster.


Municipal Lighting:  They are working on the accounting at this time.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:53 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy Crandall

Selectmen’s Secretary, Town of Otis