All Boards Meeting Minutes 01/22/2018

Town of Otis

All Boards Meeting Minutes

January 22, 2018



The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm in the Town Hall conference room.  It was announced the meeting was being recorded.


Present:           Selectman Don Hawley, Selectman Bill Hiller, Town Administrator Becky Stone, Jim Crandall, Michael Ernst, Jim Ebitz



The meeting began with a discussion of the gas contract the town has with Amerigas.


Energy:           On January 31st is the witness test.  The wind turbine is spinning from 7:00 am to 2:30 pm Monday through Friday and we are generating electricity.


Finance Board:  The have a school budget meeting scheduled on February 7th at 7:00 pm.


Rescue Squad:  They have been making their calls.  Becket has covered for us and we for them.  One person is out on injury.  They are working on their budget.


Maintenance:  They’ve cleaned up after several ice and snow events.  Heat has been checked in town buildings seven days a week.  They are monitoring three solar projects in town, each of which has been inspected by the electrical inspector and engineer.  They have received two of three quotes on the fire alarm system upgrades.  They discussed the East Otis School engineering for the foundation design.  The School still needs to have its environmental testing done.  Once we agree on the scope of work, then we can cost out the project.  During the Harmony Hall environmental study the metal roof paint tested positive for asbestos.  We are awaiting a scope of work from the environmental engineer to determine costs for this.


MLP:               We need to get the MLP accounting setup.  This will be done using Quicken.


Planning:         Nothing is currently happening.


Police Dept.:   The old 2010 cruiser has 40,000 miles on it and needs $3000 worth of repairs.  They will discuss this at tomorrow night’s Select Board meeting.


Recreation:      They have been hiring employees without the Select Board’s approval.  This will be put on the agenda for the first February meeting.  They do not have the authority to hire people nor to give out raises.


School:            Tom Nadolny’s email was read aloud.  Special Town Meeting will be happening soon per Bill.  School thanked Derek for keeping the emergency access plowed and cleared.  School Budget meetings will begin Feb. 6th.


Technology:    Construction starts up again next Monday.  There was a design issue that had to be fixed.  Two more days to finish running strand then they can begin stringing fiber.  The East Otis broadband hut is almost completed.  Sertex and Whip City are coming up Thursday to check out the hut to plan their equipment placement.


Zoning Board:  Nothing is happening.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:05 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lisa D’Orazio

Selectmen’s Secretary

Town of Otis


List of Documents


  1. A copy of the email from Tom Nadolny, School Superintendent, will be filed with these meeting minutes.