St. Paul’s Notice of Unsafe Condition

      Building Commissioner

Zoning Enforcement Officer

Town of Otis

1 North Main Rd

PO Box 237

Otis, MA 01253

   413-269-0100 x 110


February 21, 2017         NOTICE OF UNSAFE CONDITION


Steven Abdow

Episcopal Missions of Western Mass.

37 Chestnut St. Springfield MA 01103


St. Pauls Episcopal Church

13 Monterey Rd

Otis MA 01253


As Per the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Building Code 780 CMR Eighth Edition Section 116 Unsafe Structures and Equipment and  M.G.L. Chapter 143 Sections 6 and 7.


Mr. Abdow,

On December 22, 2016  I was a party to an inspection of St. Pauls Episcopal Church performed by Chris Vreeland PE of Precision Decisions LLC , a consultant to the Town of Otis.  Subsequent to that inspection on December 27, 2016 the Town received an inspection report that provides a high level overview of the structure of the church.  It is my opinion that after viewing the structure of St.Pauls from inside the attic level and outside at the ground level and reviewing the Inspection Report prepared by Precision Decisions LLC that the building is unsafe to occupy and will be posted as such.

M.G.L. Chapter 143 Section 6. The local inspector, immediately upon being informed by report or otherwise that a building or other structure or anything attached thereto or connected therewith in that city or town is dangerous to life or limb or that any building in that city or town is unused, uninhabited or abandoned, and open to the weather, shall inspect the same; and he shall forthwith in writing notify the owner, lessee or mortgagee in possession to remove it or make it safe if it appears to him to be dangerous, or to make it secure if it is unused, uninhabited or abandoned and open to the weather. If it appears that such structure would be especially unsafe in case of fire, it shall be deemed dangerous within the meaning hereof, and the local inspector may affix in a conspicuous place upon its exterior walls a notice of its dangerous condition, which shall not be removed or defaced without authority from him. Upon such notice under either of the preceding sentences, the owner, lessee or mortgagee in possession shall furnish a floor plan of such building or other structure to the chiefs of the fire and police departments of the city or town.

Section 7: Removal or making structure safe; putting up fence

Section 7. Any person so notified shall be allowed until twelve o’clock noon of the day following the service of the notice in which to begin to remove such structure or make it safe, or to make it secure, and he shall employ sufficient labor speedily to make it safe or remove it or to make it secure; but if the public safety so requires and if the aldermen or selectmen so order, the inspector of buildings may immediately enter upon the premises with the necessary workmen and assistants and cause such unsafe structure to be made safe or taken down without delay, and a proper fence put up for the protection of passers-by, or to be made secure. If such a building or structure is taken down or removed, the lot shall be levelled to uniform grade by a proper sanitary fill to cover any cellar or foundation hole and any rubble not removed







Larry Gould

 Building Commissioner

Zoning Enforcement Officer