Otis Library August Article


The Fair! What a great community event!  Thank you to Steve Graves and all the trustees for their hard work and their dedication.  This annual event raises the funds that allows the library to go beyond to meet your needs.  Whether you were a volunteer, a vendor, or a consumer we thank you for your support.  The vendors were true craft persons who had wonderful wares to show and sell.  The great and delicious baked goods tempted even the most disciplined dieters.  The book sales featured bestsellers, rare books, DVD’s, and Audiobooks, and you could fill a bag as a real bargain.


July 8, 2017 was truly an expression of the Otis Community!


Only 31 days until Labor Day!  A telltale sign that summer is coming to an end… BUT autumn in the Berkshires is so beautiful, so we can look forward to the new season.  Did you complete your summer bucket list?  Did you

Read a good book?

Watch a DVD that was true story?

Buy something from the book sale?

Go out to eat at the new Knox Trail Inn?

Did you eat at the Fratelli’s?

Did you go to Tanglewood?  Jacob’s Pillow ? or The Berkshire Theater Festival?

Did you use a museum pass and go to the Seuss museum, or Chesterwood, or the Rockwell museum?

Did you swim in the Otis Reservoir or Big Pond?

So fear not you still have time….


The library will continue to be busy during August.  There will be an exhibit from the Otis Country Quilt Guild and a reception on Tuesday August 15th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.   Our children’s story hour will continue on Tuesdays at 10:00.  The second BINGO competition will conclude on August 8th and the grand prize drawing will be August 10th.  The second scavenger hunt will end August 14.  The builders club will build a Hydraulic Arm on August 10, and build a buzzing bug on August 19.   There will also be a Literary Trivial Pursuit contest August 14,2017.

The computer help sessions will continue on the first Saturdays and the third Thursdays and we have added two free computer workshops;  On August 9th 6 to 8pm a workshop on IOS Applications, IPHONE and other Apple applications and devices, and a second free computer workshop on August 24 on Android Applications, Kindle, and other devices.


Several new releases are on order for August.  Here are some to look forward to:


 Y is for Yesterday                                             Sue Grafton

The Sabateur                                                     Andrew Grossman

Glass House                                                       Louise Penny

Crime Scene                                                        Jonathan Kellerman                                                                      

The Store                                                             James Patterson


Legion of Brothers

Ratchet & Clank

Game of Cards

Orange is the new Black

Snow White

In the next few weeks, I will complete the ARIS (Annual Report Information Survey) and the State compliance reports for certification.   I will publicize these documents when they are completed.  It is with great pride and pleasure that I report on this wonderful library.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!!

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