Jobs & Volunteer

ZBA associate/ alternate member.
Associate/alternate members attend meetings of the ZBA.
When the regular members attending do not constitute a quorum, an associate member is asked to sit and vote as a member for the hearing in question.
If a member needs to recuse from a hearing, an associate/alternate member would become a voting member for the affected hearing.
It is recommended that we have 2 associate members. One associate member is currently needed.

Swim Instructor and Swim Assistant
Swim Instructor (Age 18+, must have current WSI & CPR/AED/First Aid certifications)
Assistant (Age 16+, no certification necessary)
For July & August lessons at the Town Beach.  For more information or to apply please contact the Otis Rec Center @ 413/269-4541 or  The Town of Otis is an equal opportunity employer.

Request for Applicants
The Board of Selectmen will make appointments to Town Offices for Fiscal Year 2019 prior to June 30, 2018.  INCUMBENTS INTERESTED IN BEING CONSIDERED FOR RE-APPOINTMENT ARE ASKED TO NOTIFY THE BOARD OF SELECTMEN IN WRITING NO LATER THAN THURSDAY, JUNE 7, 2018.  Other residents interested in appointment of any of the following listed offices are requested to fill out an “Appointment Application Form” and submit same to the Board of Selectmen by Thursday, June 7, 2018.  Said form may be obtained in person from the Selectmen’s office, the Town Clerk’s office, the town website at, or by contacting the Selectmen’s office at 269-0100 ext. 103 and one will be forwarded to you.  All terms are for one year expiring June 30, 2019 unless otherwise noted.

Animal Control Officer (includes inspection of cats and dogs)

Board of Assessors – one member, three year term

Board of Health Agent

Assistant Board of Health Agent

Board of Registrars – one member, three year term

Building Inspector

Assistant Building Inspector

Celebration Committee

Civil Defense Director

Assistant Civil Defense Director

Conservation Commission –one member, three year term

Constable – five members, one year term each

Council on Aging – two members, three year term each

Council on Aging Alternate

Cultural Council – two members, three year term each

Delegate – Southern Berkshire Solid Waste Management District

Associate Delegate – Southern Berkshire Solid Waste Management District

Election Warden

Inspector/Deputy Warden

Election Clerk

Inspector/Deputy Clerk

Energy Committee

Field Driver

Fire Chief

Assistant Fire Chief

Forest Fire Warden

Highway Superintendent

Historical Commission – two members, three year term each

Investment Advisory Committee

Municipal Lighting Plant Manager

Plumbing Inspector

Assistant Plumbing Inspector

Police Chief

Police Officers

Police Sergeant

Recreation Commission – one member, three year term

Recreation Commission Alternate

Sanitation Inspector

Assistant Sanitation Inspector

Scholarship Committee – one member, three year term

Technology Committee

Town Accountant

Town Collector

Town Counsel

Veteran’s Agent

Water Operator

Wire Inspector

Assistant Wire Inspector

Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate – two members, one year term each
Zoning Board of Appeals – one member, five year term